Kiln Firing Services

We offer a full kiln load firing service to 1260°c with a turn around time of 2 days.

Booking is essential :P. 02 9130 4855 E.

Our kiln’s internal size is W 450mm x D 450mm x H 700mm.

The cost per kiln load is $65 up to 1100°c and $85 above 1100°c  

Packing kilns
Your work will be packed and unpacked by our staff. If your work is fragile or too heavy, a suitable time can be arranged for you to handle and pack your own work. We ask that you provide your own setters if your work is made from heavily grogged clay such as BRT or if your work has black or blue underglaze or slip on the base/s.

Please note: While all care is taken handling your work Plaster Master is not responsible for breakages or glaze mishaps.