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Q. Do you need artistic skills?
A. No artist skills required! There is no right or wrong in art.
Q. What age is it suitable for?
A. Ages from 3 to 99 years old
Q. How much does it cost?
A. You only pay for what you paint. No entry charge, paints and brushes are included in the price. Plasters start from $12 and Ceramics start from $18
Q. Do I need to book?
A. Generally no however during the Covid-19 uncertainty please see our Covid-19 Updates or call us on 02 9130 4855 if you are unsure. We are open for casual drop-in studio painting during our usual opening hours is 10am-5pm (except Monday). 
Q. Can I still come in when there is a party on?
A. Yes, we usually have some spaces for drop ins, on rare occasions we may reach our capacity with some parties.  You can call us on 02 9130 4855 and our staff will advise you when the best time to come in and paint.
Q. How do I book a birthday party?
A. You can book online, in person, shoot us an email info@plastermasterfun.com.au or simply give us a call on 02 9130 4855.
Q. What is there to paint?
A. Plaster Master offers several options from our famous plaster figurines to ceramic/pottery.
Q. What is the difference between a Plaster and Ceramic/Pottery?
A. Our plasters are 3D figurines of your favourite characters, animals, food (cupcakes, ice-cream, donuts etc.), and so much more. You can paint them in store or at home, they take 10-15 mins to dry and we glaze and glitter them for you at no extra cost.
Our ceramics include an assortment of mugs, plates, platters, vases, keepsake boxes, figures and more. Paint with our provided specialist ceramic paints and once you are done leave it with us and we will fire it away in our kiln (takes up to a week). Once fired they are ready for pick up, your mugs and plates are now safe to drink and eat from! And your figurines are beautifully glazed, vibrant and shiny.
Q. What do we offer?
A. Plaster Master is a centre full of artistic fun. We offer everything from casual drop-ins for in-store or take home painting, our famous birthday parties (see birthday tab for different birthday options and types), school holiday classes and during term after school art classes.