About Us

Arty the Bear – My Story

Hi, my name is Arty, I am 6 bear years old and I’m the golden bear that lives at Plaster Master.

I love to see the inner artist of everyone who walks into our shop!

However, my life has not always been so easy…

Many years ago, I lived with a group of backpackers, I brought much joy to their time in Sydney. Soon after they decided to return to their own country and abandon me. I was disheartened and on the verge of being destructed by a big rubbish truck.

Luckily, I was rescued. Plaster Master found me & took me back to their place in North Bondi. I was cleaned & patched up. I was fed, and given a new home. My new home showed me the fun & joy of art and creativity.

Now, always stained with paint, I love my life here! I get to see big and little people come in, they meet up for really fun parties, but most of all, it’s best when they just randomly drop in, say hi and pick a plaster or a ceramic to paint and keep for life!

So, come by anytime, explore your inner artist, and maybe you’ll even see me around!

Make sure to say “Hi”

Our Mission/Statement

Plaster Master Fun Centre has been around the eastern suburbs for over 30 years, injecting and inspiring creativity and entertainment within families. We pride ourselves on the enjoyment we have brought upon numerous generations within families, understanding that even though as times change with technology, there is something special about a venue that can stimulate the mind without the need of a screen.

We strive to provide the best service and comfort for you to express yourself with our abundant range of plasters, ceramics or canvases at any time without the necessity of booking! Once plasters are painted and sealed with glaze, they become mementos for life as you can reflect back on the strong friendships made or the early years of your children’s life that just seems to go by too fast. Even better, after we fire your ceramics, you’ll feel that sense of achievement every time you use that mug or plate!

If you’re thinking of organising your child’s first birthday party* or a reunion with friends, browse through our range of well-renowned parties on offer! Furthermore, keep up to date with various events that take place at Plaster Master such as holiday camps by liking our Facebook Page or following our Instagram!

We value the connections made at our place. Whether you choose us as a place to meet with friends, spend some time with your children or just to get away from Sydney weather, we can guarantee that the quality, hands-on time you have spent with your kids or grandkids will have forged a strong positive impact that cannot from phones or tablets.

Our priority is providing the best entertainment and source of fun within in the area, leading you wanting to come back for more. So, drop in, bring some friends and come experience our reputable service that has been upheld for over 30 years!