Ceramics/Pottery Painting

Ceramics/Pottery Painting

Our Ceramics are made with white earthenware clay, you may better know ceramics as pottery. They are painted with specialist ceramic paints referred to as underglaze then we apply a clear gloss glaze before they are placed into our kiln which melts the glazes on to the pieces. The colours of the paint also turn from a pale subdued colour to a vibrant spectacle. Sounds a little complicated? Don’t worry! We will guide you along the way and provide everything you need, simply choose your ceramics (ranging from all sorts of mugs, cups, bowls, serving dishes, vases, keepsake boxes, money boxes, decorative figures and so much more), we provide the special ceramic paints and a guide, leave your piece with us for about a week so we can glaze and fire it in the kiln then we send you a text message when it’s ready for pick up and that’s it! Average price per pieces is $30 with all paints and kiln firing already included in the pieces price. You can paint and design your very own mug or make a personalised gift for someone special; we have kids as young as a few weeks old participate! With baby footprints and handprints being an absolute winner for memories and family gift ideas.

  1. Select! Ceramic painting is easy and fun and lasts forever. Pick out your favourite mug, plates, platters, moneybox or something else for yourself or for someone special.
  2. Design! You are the artist so get creative! We offer stamps, stencils, sponges and idea books.
  3. Paint! Our studio offers a large selection of special ceramic paints in a range of beautiful colours.
  4. Now Leave It With Us (up to 7 Days) and We Fire it in our Kiln! We first clear glaze your ceramic and then fire your work in our kiln. It will come out shiny and usable, plates and mugs can now be safely used to eat and drink from and are dishwasher safe.
  5. Pick up! Your piece should be ready in about a week and we’ll send you a text when it’s ready for pick up. We will wrap it up for you in protective bubble wrap and it’s all yours to use or present as a gift.


Take Home packs

  1. Select! Choose your ceramic piece(s)
  2. Take it home to paint! We’ll provide the special ceramic paints (up to 5 colours per ceramic), paint brushes and instructions
  3. Bring it Back! Once you’ve painted your ceramic make sure to bring it back at your convenience so we can glaze and fire it in our kiln.
  4. Pick up! Your piece should be ready in about a week and we’ll send you a text when it’s ready for pick up.