Plaster Figurines Painting

Our plasters range from small figurines starting at $12.50 a piece including paints, brushes, glazing/glitter and more all included in the price. We have  from your favourite characters and superheros, to delicious looking cupcakes and burgers, unicorns, cars, decorative plaques, the list goes on! Super simply to paint, dry’s in 10-15 minutes with your choice of glaze and or/glitter.

Plaster Figurine Painting & Canvas Painting

  1. Select! Choose your favourite plaster(s) or canvas.
  2. Paint! Our studio offers a large selection of non-toxic paints in beautiful colours.
  3. Take it Home! Takes 15 mins to dry we can add gloss and optional glitter to make your plaster shine

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Take Home Plaster packs (15% off store price) 

  1. Select! Choose your favourite plaster and Ceramic
  2. Take it home! We wrap your plaster up in some protective bubble wrap and you choose up to 5 paint colours and a brush that comes free AND you get 15% off shelf prices!
  3. Bring it back! if you would like your plaster glazed and/or glitter, free of charge

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