To keep you and us safe Plaster Master has made a few changes. Please use our sanitisation station where hand sanitiser is provided,  QR codecheck-in and provide our staff with your Covid-19 vaccination certificate. You may also notice that the store layout is a little different as we have rearranged the tables to maximise the distance between different groups of customers to make sure you can safely distance yourselves whilst painting and moving around the studio. We have also upped our cleaning game and introduced sanitization with strong disinfectant spray which we frequently use to sanitise regularly used and touched areas such as chairs, tables and door handles. We’ve even taken things to a new level making sure to sanitise the paint bottles you use after every single customer. To keep everyone even safer the studio is also limiting its in-store painting capacity especially during parties, but don’t worry! we now offer several take home options too.

These take home options include-

  • Quick and easy premade plaster packs, includes: small plaster, 2 paint colours and brush for $6 each or 2 for $10.
  • Choose any in store plaster or canvas for 20% off regular price, includes free paints (5 colours) and a brush.  If you would like your plaster finished off with a finishing gloss and maybe even a little glitter (or maybe a lot of glitter!) pop by with your finished plaster and we’ll gloss away free of charge and it will only take around 5 minutes.
  • Choose any in store ceramic for 10% off regular price, includes free paints (5 colours) and 2 brushes.  Bring back your finished ceramic at any time, leave us your name and number so we can glaze and pop it into the kiln for you to fire for a beautiful final product. You will receive an SMS when it is ready for pick up usually within a week. Firing and glazing price already included in ceramic price.

If you aren’t sure if we are open for pop ins just give us a call.

Changes to and during parties:

To ensure that our parties are a safe environment we have temporarily introduced a strict group size limit of 20 including both adults and children. Parents are encouraged to do drop-offs as the number of parents permitted to stay for the duration of the party is also limited. Parents that do stay are encouraged to spread out to avoid overcrowding as best as we can. Upon arrival all party goers are also met with the sanitisation station albeit a more vigorous one as parties tend to include a lot more mingling. When entering the studio the sanitisation station is clearly visible, we encourage sanitisation of hands, followed by a sign-up sheet for your name and contact details only for the use of notifying you if any positive covid-19 cases have gone through Plaster Master around the time of your visit. The sanitisation station is then finished off with a quick temperature check performed by our employees using our infrared thermometer and that’s it, you are free to safely entire our magical little world of creativity and fun.

During the parties we have made little changes to enhance our hygiene measures especially when managing the party food. Before serving the food all children’s hands are sanitsed, food is served by employees using gloves and tongs and shared food platters are not left on the table to discourage kids from touching each other’s food. The food is also served onto plastic plates and cups to minimize cross-contamination from party to party. Overall, we are doing everything we can to make sure we decrease the spreading of nasty germs.  

Conditions of entry:

Following the rules of the NSW government, all customer entering the shop are required to have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

If you are not feeling well, are experiencing flu-like symptoms, have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, are awaiting a test result for Covid-19 or have been tested positive for Covid-19 please do not come in to our store until you have been cleared or isolated for 2 weeks with no symptoms or positive test result. We will be looking forwards to seeing you once you are well.

We require all our customers be  to go through the sanitisation station before entering the store.

If you test positive for a fever using our infrared thermometer, we must unfortunately ask you to leave.

We appreciate your cooperation; we want to keep both ourselves and all our customers safe, happy and Covid-19 free.